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First Interview Scheme by area of law

The categories listed below, are the ONLY categories the Society has lists for and cannot provide custom lists or details outside of these areas.

Please note: The Law Society Northern Territory does not offer legal advice.

The Society coordinates a scheme that enables a member of the public to have an initial 30-minute consultation with a legal practitioner for $99.00 (including GST). The scheme introduces clients to the firm and provides the client with an opportunity to obtain initial advice on their situation.

The Society does not make the initial consultation/appointment for you. 


  1. First Interview Scheme consultations are strictly limited to 30 minutes
  2. The client must make an appointment with the firm under the First Interview Scheme
  3. The client must pay the $99.00 fee at the conclusion of the consultation.


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Please note that the Society does not offer legal advice.

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