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31st LAWASIA Conference - Call for speakers

Registrations and speaker submissions now open

New Era for South East Asia

2-5 November 2018

The Annual Conference is LAWASIA’s flagship event and the highlight of its professional events program. A platform for the convergence of bar leaders, jurists, professional organisations and individual lawyers from across the Asia Pacific. It serves as an important forum for sharing ideas, building professional networks, reinforcing shared professional values, advocating for the rule of law, and advancing the status of the legal profession in the Asia Pacific.

Held in a city well known for its ancient temples and the gateway to the ruins of Angkor, the 31st LAWASIA Conference will examine a range of topics, including:

  • the Chinese economic and strategic agenda known as the ‘Belt & Road’
  • the advent of third party funding in arbitration and its effect on the resolution of environmental disputes in South East Asia
  • Foreign Direct Investment in developing Asia
  • tax incentives as a catalyst to economic development in Indochina
  • disability rights in the ESCAP region
  • the interests of young lawyers, providing a forum to raise issues of particular concern to the next generation of practitioners
  • funding the digital economy – how conventional principles of finance are embracing and serving the digitalisation of commerce and trade in developing countries
  • the potential role of data protection law in developing countries
  • intellectual property rights in Indo-China and the surrounding region

As well as holding the International Moot Competition final.

Visit the conference site for updates and the full program.

We hope to see you there.




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