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Law Society NT launches Indigenous Protocols for Lawyers - Second Edition

The Law Society Northern Territory will launch its second edition of Indigenous Protocols for Lawyers (Protocols) at noon tomorrow at Chifley Alice Springs Resort.


The first edition of the Protocols was launched over 10 years ago and the Territory was the first jurisdiction to provide a guide to lawyers dealing with Indigenous people. Since their introduction the Protocols have been widely embraced and adapted throughout Australia.

Law Society CEO, Megan Lawton, said "the Protocols are intended to be an introduction to practice in the Northern Territory, providing essential guidance to lawyers to help them best advocate for Indigenous clients.

When first released the protocols marked the shift from expecting Indigenous peoples to learn rules or to change their behavior or learn the English language to expecting Legal Practitioners to have increased skill. Effective cross-cultural communication in a legal setting continues to be an important skill for lawyers." Mrs. Lawton said.

The second edition of the Protocols continues to provide practical guidance and essential skills and tips. Importantly they outline what is expected of lawyers who represent Indigenous clients or witnesses" Ms Lawton said.

The Society acknowledges the work of the original author Ms Kristina Karlsson and in launching the second edition gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the Aboriginal Interpreter Service (AIS) and the input from the legal community.

CEO Megan Lawton said "we are proud to reflect that the Protocols have been in constant use since their original publication and the Society looks forward to the 2nd edition continuing to be a highly regarded resource for the legal profession in the Northern Territory and the wider community."

The Protocols will be formally launched tomorrow during Law Week celebrations in Alice Springs with a Welcome to Country provided by Aboriginal elder Mrs. Betty Peace

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