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International Treaty Against Use of Nuclear Weapons

Letter to Chief Executive Officer Australian Red Cross dated 8 April 2015:


Law Society Northern Territory (Society) is writing to acknowledge and express its support for your work building support for an international treaty that would make the use of nuclear weapons illegal under international law.

The Society is pleased to contribute to the growing international momentum acknowledging that the use of nuclear weapons remains an immediate threat to global health.

Chemical, biological weapons, and landmines are illegal by convention because of their impact on civilian populations, yet the impact of nuclear weapons on the civilian population and its environment would be immeasurable. Nuclear weapons do not distinguish between race, religion or nationality and are the most barbaric weapon ever invented not outlawed by a specific international convention.

The Society supports the Australian Red Cross, in its continued call on the Australian government to pursue diplomatic negotiations leading to a binding legal instrument prohibiting nuclear weapons.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank your organisation for its continuing advocacy in international humanitarian law, and in particular for keeping this critical issue on the global agenda.

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