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Lawrie v Lawler


Lawrie -v- Lawler

Law Society Northern Territory ("Society") notes the interest arising from the decision of Lawrie -v- Lawler [2015] NTSC 19, delivered on 1 April 2015.

"Upholding the standards of the legal profession is a responsibility that the Law Society Northern Territory takes very seriously." said Society President, Mr Tass Liveris. "The Society is mindful that people are entitled to expect the highest standard of professionalism from legal practitioners and conduct that may call professional standards into question should be investigated."

Mr Liveris said: "The Society is here to promote the administration of justice and provide protection for consumers of legal services and the public generally." As the regulator of the legal profession in the Northern Territory, the Society is charged with investigating issues of professional conduct under the Legal Profession Act ("Act") and is not permitted to comment on specific cases.

Mr Liveris said: "It is important that people can have faith in the integrity of the legal profession and the rigorous processes undertaken by the Society in performing its regulatory function."

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