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Correctional Services Act 2014 - Biometrics

Letter to Commissioner Corrective Services:

The Law Society Northern Territory (the Society) wrote to you on 6 June 2014 to outline some of our concerns with provisions of the Correctional Services Act.

In particular, we raised concerns about the protection of any personal data that is collected and stored by the biometric system and we urged the Department to develop, implement and publish a privacy policy regarding the use biometrics in prison. To date, there is no information on the Corrections website or at the facility dealing with the issue of biometrics use and storage.

We note that Information Privacy Principle 5 ? Openness[1] requires a public sector organisation to make available to the public a document which clearly expresses its policies for the management of personal information that it holds.

The Society notes that other jurisdictions such as Queensland have such policies in place. An example can be found here:

Information such as that from Tasmania Corrections may also be helpful in assisting visitors understand what to expect when visiting the new facility. An example can be found here:

The Society considers it important that this information is available to all people who may need to visit the prison and would be happy to assist in the preparation and distribution of this information including to the legal profession.

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