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Amendment to ILIS

Letter to Registrar General, Land Titles Office:

I am writing to bring to your attention issues raised by members of the Legal Profession in relation to recent amendments to the Integrated Land Information System (ILIS).

The Law Society Northern Territory (the Society) has received complaints from several practitioners in relation to an increase in fees associated with searching for an owner?s name for a parcel of land. We have been advised that this information was previously available without incurring a fee.

The Society understands this change was made without consultation or prior notice to users of ILIS.

Recently the Society gave evidence to the Productivity Commissions inquiry into access to Justice. The inquiry looked at fees and disbursements and the impact of these costs of accessing the justice system.

The Society submits that ILIS is a public record and should be readily accessible without the imposition of needless fees or charges. The Society is not aware of any reason for the imposition of this fee, other than revenue raising, and requests that you consider reversing this amendment and returning to the previous position.

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