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Opening of the Legal Year 2023


OLY 2023 Combined Invitations V1

The Society is pleased to announce that Peter Forrest, Northern Territory historian, will address the profession at the Opening of the Legal Year 2023 events in Darwin and Alice Springs. Peter Forrest (joint author of Mandatory Reading) will take guests on whistlestop tours through the past to meet some of the amazing personalities that abound in the Territory’s legal history.

For more than forty years, Peter Forrest and his wife Sheila have been taking the Territory’s history ‘off the shelf’ and making it accessible, interesting and factual. They have written over thirty books and have written and presented countless articles, broadcasts, films and graphic displays and authored a long running series of historical articles on the Northern Territory published in the Northern Territory News for many years. Their book Mandatory Reading (2018) commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Northern Territory’s Law Society.

At the Darwin lunch on 9 February, Peter will speak of the life and times of Andrew Brough Newell, based largely on Newell’s letters to his family from the time of his arrival in Darwin in 1936 – letters filled with incisive observations about Darwin and its people, through a tempestuous era (1936 – 1958). Newell was one of the most estimable legal practitioners ever to work in the Territory. But not all of his legal contemporaries shared his ability or his diligence!

At the Alice Springs dinner on 10 February, Peter notes ‘it could only have happened in the Alice’. From Mining to Murder, the practice of the law in Central Australia, 1932 – 1958. A time studded with personalities and sensational events – from Beecher Webb to Ian Barker, via Nancy McPhee, Dick Ward, Neil Hargrave and Phil Rice.


Alice Springs

Sponsorship by principal sponsor Lawcover and the Law Society Public Purposes Trust is gratefully acknowledged.

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