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Legal issues associated with COVID-19 vaccinations - a New Chambers Webinar

When: Thursday 12 August 2021 @ 4 pm

Australia is now at the stage of the Covid 19 pandemic where a number of vaccines have been developed and made available. Australia is not yet at the stage where supply has outstripped demand, but inevitably we will reach that stage. Then, Australia may be left with the position where individuals may decide not to take the vaccine as has occurred in other jurisdictions. How to treat this group of citizens will raise questions concerning the power of Government, the balancing of that power against individual liberties and action any compulsions by Government, whether it will be left to employers to fill the vacuum by mandating that employees be vaccinated.

This webinar will explore the following issues in a discussion setting:

  1. Do Federal and State Governments have the power to mandate that citizens be vaccinated or enact laws that treat citizens differently depending on their vaccination status?
  2. Do employers have a right and/or duty to require that their employees be vaccinated or treat employees differently depending on their vaccination status?

The webinar will be chaired by Professor Mary Louise McLaws of the University of NSW who specialises in Epidemiology with expertise in patient safety and outbreak prevention. She is a member of the World Health Organization Health Emergencies Program Ad hoc COVID 19 Infection Prevention and Control Guidance Development. Professor McLaws will provide an introduction to the topic by discussing the current state of the pandemic in Australia compared to other countries.

The panelists will include Arthur Moses SC former President of the NSW Bar Association and Law Council of Australia, Professor Patrick Keyzer who is a Professor of Law and Public Policy and the Dean of the Thomas More Law School at the Australian Catholic University and Henry Cooper, Barrister at Law.

Please register HERE to receive a Zoom link to the webinar.

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