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Update re Covid-19

Matters heard by his Honour, Associate Justice Luppino

On behalf of his Honour, Associate Justice Luppino, please find following information regarding all hearings and mentions in the civil jurisdiction before the Associate Justice being conducted by telephone, until further notice.

This notice supplements the Notice to Practitioners Litigants and the Visiting Public – Covid - 19 published by the Court on 16 March 2020.

Paragraph 4 of the Notice provides that “Mentions and pre-trial hearings are to be conducted by way of audio link where possible”. This email provides supplementary information in respect of, and only applies to, mentions and hearings before the Associate Justice.

Until further notice, all hearings and mentions in the civil jurisdiction before the Associate Justice will be conducted by telephone or, in appropriate cases, by video link. That includes settlement conferences and matters which would normally be heard in Court, including the interlocutory list.

As it will no longer be possible for a party to seek leave to file a document in Court, or to hand up a document in the course of a hearing, such documents should be filed in sufficient time before the hearing and where that is not possible, the document must be provided to the Associate Justice’s Executive Assistant by email no later than 3 pm on the day before the hearing date. The email option will not apply to very large documents in any event.

Parties are reminded that where matters are conducted by telephone, the Court’s usual practice is to only place one call to each party. If a party intends to have multiple attendees at different locations, the approval of the Court is required and if that is granted, it is up to the party to arrange any additional connections. Parties should however ensure that the Associate Justice’s Executive Assistant is notified in advance of the names of all persons who will be appearing on behalf of a party. Further, in the case of Chamber matters, the attendance of persons other than legal practitioners is subject to the Associate Justice’s approval in any case.

Lastly as the Court’s telecommunication systems do not accommodate more than three outgoing telephone calls, for Chamber hearings or mentions where there are in excess of three parties, the Court will need to make alternative arrangements and parties will be notified of those arrangements, likely on the eve of the hearing.

Ingrid Laudzevics
Acting Executive Assistant to Associate Justice Luppino
Supreme Court of the Northern Territory

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