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Disciplinary Action Register

 Pursuant to Section 541 of the Legal Profession Act

Date of decision Name of practitioner Nature of conduct Penalty imposed
12 September 2008 Mr Ian Rowbottom

Findings of professional misconduct

Reasons for descision

Consequential orders on penalty for professional misconduct

PC suspended 6 months

LP complete and pass Ethics course

LP pay LSNT costs

27 April 2009 Ms Asha McLaren

Findings of professional misconduct

Reasons for decsision

Reasons for penalty

Appeal decision

Decision appealed

See reasons for penalty

Appeal dismissed

7 May 2011 Mr Thong Sum Lee

Findings of professional misconduct

Fine of $10,000.00
24 December 2014 Mr Michael Freeland

Findings of professional misconduct and unsatisfactory professional conduct

Reasons for decision

Reasons for penalty

PC not to be granted for 12 months

Practitioner not to be issued with Unrestricted PC until 2 years supervised practice completed

Practitioner to pay costs


Public Reprimands

Pursuant to s.499 of the Legal Profession Act 2006, where the Society after completion of the investigation of a complaint determines that there is a reasonable likelihood that a practitioner will be found guilty by the Disciplinary Tribunal of either unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct, the Society may issue the practitioner with a public reprimand.

A public reprimand is not 'disciplinary action' within the meaning of s.540 of the Legal Profession Act but the Council of the Law Society has resolved that details relating to the reprimand will be made public by being published on the Society's website, and that details will remain available for 12 months from the date on which the reprimand was imposed by the Society. Details can be found by clicking on the link below.

(This document is currently being udpated). Download Register of Public Reprimands

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