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Law Society Supports Royal Commission into Abuse of Children in Detention

Law Society Northern Territory (“Society”) supports the Prime Minister’s calls for a royal commission into the abuse of juveniles in the Northern Territory corrections system.

Society president Mr Tass Liveris said, “Whilst the Society welcomes the overwhelming nation-wide response that the 4 Corners expose has provoked, these are not new issues. The Society, amongst other stakeholders, has long been drawing attention to the enormous crisis in juvenile detention in the Northern Territory and been calling for real and immediate action. Unfortunately, these calls have been largely ignored and the result is the shocking and deepening crisis in juvenile detention in the Northern Territory.”

Mr Liveris said, “The government should have closed Don Dale Youth Detention Centre years ago and acted on the16 recommendations of the January 2015 Vita report and reports from successive Children’s Commissioners. However, despite the alarming escalation of juvenile imprisonment rates, especially in the Indigenous community, the government has only ever responded in an ad hoc, band-aid way that has now been shown to have comprehensively failed the community.”

The Society:

1. Calls for the Royal Commission to have wide terms of reference, including an examination of the punitive juvenile detention system in the Northern Territory and the disproportionate imprisonment rates of juveniles, especially Indigenous juveniles.

2. Renews the calls for the immediate closure of Don Dale Youth Detention Centre and the construction of a purpose built juvenile detention facility.

3. Renews the calls for all NT youth detention centres to be adequate staffed with appropriately skilled and trained personnel.

4. Renews the calls for complete compliance with the recommendations previously made by Michael Vita and the Children’s Commissioner into the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre.


Contact person: Kellie Grainger

Acting Chief Executive Officer

08 8981 5104

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MEDIA RELEASE - Law Society Northern Territory welcomes new Solicitor-General for the Northern Territory

Law Society Northern Territory (“Society”) welcomes the announcement that Sonia Brownhill SC will succeed Michael Grant QC as the Solicitor-General for the Northern Territory.

Ms Brownhill will become the first female Solicitor-General in the history of the Northern Territory. Society President Tass Liveris said, “Ms Brownhill’s appointment is an important one, as it continues the growing trend of local lawyers being appointed to senior and leadership roles in the legal profession and the judiciary, as well as that of high achieving women in the law.”.

Ms Brownhill was appointed Crown Counsel in 2005, where she routinely appeared in the Court of Appeal and the High Court of Australia. In 2011, Ms Brownhill joined the independent Bar, practicing in areas such as property law (including native title and Aboriginal land matters), administrative and public law, town planning, general contract law, negligence and personal injury law. In 2015, she became only the third female to be appointed Senior Counsel in the Northern Territory under the Supreme Court (Senior Counsel) Rules.

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MEDIA RELEASE - Community safety under threat with changes to youth bail laws

The Law Society Northern Territory President Mr Tass Liveris expressed concern about the proposed changes to bail laws. “Everyone is sick and tired of what communities see as the revolving door of jail. We have been on this path for some time and the community is no safer for it. These proposed changes are another step in the wrong direction.” Mr Liveris said.

“This does not respond to community concerns because it will not fix the problem – it will only make it worse.” Mr Liveris said.

“Communities are calling for real action on this issue – everyone including the Minister knows that locking kids up does nothing to curb offending – when young people are exposed to the criminal justice system they are much more likely to become adult offenders. And we have more than enough of those.” Mr Liveris said. Mr Liveris referred to the Australian Institute of Criminology research that young people diverted from the court system were less likely to have further involvement in the criminal justice system. Mr Liveris noted the 2011 Review of Youth Justice in NT that recommended the need for more diversionary programs and increased eligibility for diversion in light of increasing rates of youth crime.

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MEDIA RELEASE - Law Society Northern Territory backs National Legal Aid Funding Campaign

The Law Society Northern Territory today threw its support behind an unprecedented national ‘Legal Aid Matters’ campaign ( aimed at ensuring the next Federal Government responds decisively to Australia’s legal aid funding crisis.

With rallies and events occurring in major cities in this national Law Week, the Legal Aid Matters campaign will bring a sharp focus to the funding crisis that crippling this vital justice safety net.

Tass Liveris (Society President) said that Australia’s legal aid system is in crisis and that justice is being denied to thousands of Australians each year.

“Successive federal governments have ripped hundreds of millions of dollars from legal aid, crippling this vital justice safety net,” Mr Liveris said.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Law Society welcomes new Supreme Court Chief Justice

Law Society Northern Territory (Society) welcomes the Attorney-General's announcement this afternoon that the Solicitor-General, Michael Grant QC, will be the next Chief Justice of the Northern Territory.

Society President Mr Tass Liveris said, "Mr Grant is an exemplary appointment to the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory and to the extremely important position of Chief Justice.  Mr Grant was the first Territory-born practitioner to be appointed as Queen's Counsel and he is widely known and respected throughout the community as an advocate of the highest order.  His wealth of experience across many roles will be an outstanding asset to the Court.".

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MEDIA RELEASE: Law Society calls for a halt to the Mutitjulu court closure


On 31 March the Chief Magistrate announced the closure of the Mutitjulu Court.

“The problem with remote court facilities has been known for some time.  The Society would be the first to congratulate the Attorney General (AG) on his real achievements with Courts infrastructure. We continue to ask the Attorney General to address the problems rather than close the Court. The Society is left to wonder if the new Youth Court in Darwin and Supreme Court in Alice Springs have been at the expense of bush courts”.  

“I have had many discussions with the Attorney General about possible solutions to the challenging issues in bush courts and he seemed to be passionately committed to genuine solutions.  It is disappointing that this latest announcement was not made in the context of the Attorney General’s clear plan for Courts for all Territorians”. Said Mr Tass Liveris, President of the Northern Territory Law Society. 

Mr Liveris said “it is pleasing to see the AG supporting the work of the Courts and acknowledge that facilities are such that something needs to be done. We do not believe closing a court is something that should be taken lightly or done at short notice.  Closing a Court simply because facilities are inadequate is not the way to address service delivery in the bush.  

To read the full media release click here.

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